“Verily, we belong to God and we will surely return to Allah.” – Qur’an 2:156

The Nova Scotia Islamic Community Center (KLM) provides complete funeral services, including: washing the body (ghusl) and shrouding (Kafn) by qualified, experienced Muslims (females are handled by females only).providing the Kafan materials (Islamic shroud),providing caskets.

For Nikah services at The Nova Scotia Islamic Community Centre (NSICC), please complete the steps below Obtain a marriage license from the local county courthouse/office and submit a copy of it before the Islamic marriage appointment. Complete our Nikah Service Request Form below and submit it no later than seven days prior to the date of the Nikah ceremony.

The time comes when a person has to make a very important life-decision – finding a suitable companion for themselves, or their children. We realize that it can be very challenging to abide by Islamic teachings and marry in North America. Often, the lack of contacts, job, ethnicity, age, family, culture, or proper guidance can pose daunting barriers.